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Hosted e-bike Tours

Explore the beautiful North Devon Coast with Tour De Lanes

Tour De Lanes offer Hosted Electric Bicycle Tours in and around our beautiful North Devon landscapes, using the lanes to explore the scenery, beaches, countryside and everything in between. Hosted Tours are offered for individuals, couples or small groups of 4x cyclists (please be aware that to ride an electric bike across roads and lanes cyclists do need to be aged

14yrs upwards due to Uk law). However, we can tailor rides to offer one suitable for children under 14yrs if they have their own non electric bicycles to use alongside our own.

TDL Coast.png
TDL Landscape.png

We offer carefully planned routes but also offer Personalised and Exclusive Tours. These are flexible for anyone who would like to remain in a private group, or might like to tailor a rout to cycle to, or stop somewhere specific... and we are always happy to include a Pit Stop at a lovely local spot! Tour De Lanes e-bikes have been carefully selected for their stylish design, sustainability and ease of handling, so we can cater for beginners to those looking for more adventurous Tours!

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