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Wellbeing & Meditation

Embodiment and Somatic Practices brought to you by Sense Greater Peace

Offering coaching, yoga, pilates, sound baths, meditation and restorative treatments.

Experience integral wellbeing through movement, sound, meditation, breath, treatments and coaching. At Sense Greater Peace, you are invited to immerse yourself in an enriching experience that nurtures your emotional and mental wellbeing. SGP approach intertwines movement, breathwork, and a tranquil stillness that cradles and uplifts your spirit. SGP believes in nurturing a harmonious balance between inner strength and outer resilience, guiding you towards a state of ease and peace that transcends the confines of the yoga mat. Our sessions are a tapestry of intuitive understanding, heartfelt connection, and profound wisdom, each designed to kindle a sense of equilibrium and serenity within.

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We are an integrated system of mind, body, soul and spirit. Understanding this system can help you achieve your goals, move better, feel better and be more resilient. Recognising and nurturing this interconnected system not only enhances our movement and resilience but also illuminates patterns — emotional, mental, and physical — that unknowingly hold us back. These patterns, often deep-rooted, can manifest as discomfort, pain, or recurring life cycles that prevent us from realising our potential.


With over three decades of teaching, Sue has dedicated her life to understanding this interplay of our existence. Her approach, grounded in both lived experiences and continuous learning, is all about holistic embodiment: integrating mind, body, and soul. She offers both group classes, available in-person and online, as well as intimate one-to-one coaching. Every session is meticulously designed with your uniqueness at its core, ensuring that your time together is meaningful, fulfilling, and transformative.


Drawing from a rich tapestry of skills and wisdom, each bespoke session is crafted to revitalize you, allowing you to approach life with renewed purpose, focus, resilience, gratitude, and pure joy.


Sue brings an intuitive, creative, and curious spirit, committed to guiding YOU on this profound journey. Sue would be honoured to accompany you as you seek to sense greater peace through soul-gratifying practices.

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